In Their Words: Touch This Image!

The Crowdbrite platform touts itself as being highly interactive — it allows participants to put “sticky notes” with comments all over a graphic.  Recently Crowdbrite apparently figured out that it could turn that approach around and use it as a way to allow people to navigate a complex situation, like the pros and cons of various site improvement alternatives in an Environmental Assessment.  There’s been something of a micro-movement in online public engagement lately toward using these tools to present planning information in a more manageable way (I’m a planner, and  don’t even want to read most of the fat existing conditions and other report s that we put out!)

This interface gives an mix of information, embedded site photos,  links to documents and a simple poll.  It’s a little hard to sort out without having this graphic in a larger context, but it’s an interesting new model for how to make the information-sharing part of a physical project a little easier for a layperson to digest.  Since it’s interactive, I can’t embed it, but you can play with it yourself here.




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