Tying into research: a survey getting help from PlaceSpeak

Colleen Hardwick, the founder of PlaceSpeak, holds a Ph.D. in geography, a factor that I think gives a methodological robustness to much of the PlaceSpeak model.  Her organization’s partnership with higher education has continued, and recently PlaceSpeak decided to promote a survey regarding online public engagement processes.  Here’s the summary from the researchers:

Participation through online platforms is increasing while internet use, literacy and connectivity spreads through our society.

We are running this survey as part of a University of British Columbia graduate student research project to find out about your preferences and experiences with online participatory processes in general, and more specifically in regards to your experiences with PlaceSpeak. On average, respondents are taking 9 minutes to fill out the survey.

We are trying to reach out to as many PlaceSpeak members and users of participatory web platforms as possible. The more you share this topic and invite people to take the survey the better. Thanks in advance for going the extra mile.


We need much more research on why and how people use online public engagement tools, and it’s likely that online public engagement platforms that build partnerships with research institutions are going to have stronger and sounder methods for improving online public participation.  Kudos to PlaceSpeak for helping to widen knowledge, and we’re glad to help spread the reach of this researcher.

You can learn more about the study and take the survey here.  I hope you will.


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