Bright Pages (from Urban Interactive Studio)


This offering, from the same firm that provides the EngagingPlans platform (and– truth in advertising– co-manages the publication EngagingCities with the manager of this site) allows you to address a key piece of the public engagement process: getting the information that the public needs if it’s going to give constructive feedback into their hands and on their screens in an accessible and digestible manner.

Instead of uploading massive PDFs in the naive hope that the public will (a) read them and (b) make sense of them, BrightPages breaks the content into accessible chunks and embeds a rather wide variety of public engagement tools directly into the content.  The interactive options are more varied than most engagement platforms, and range from surveys to scenario-building tools, trade-offs simulators, and even draft document commenting and markup.

The result is an online experience that can present a much richer range of information resources than many platforms, and more directly ties the engagement process to the study information.


Like EngagingPlans, BrightPages sites are a semi-custom build-out consisting of a variety of Drupal-based modules that can be assembled and modified with less effort and cost than a custom web-site and a higher level of flexibility than an app-type platform.  For that reason, pricing and time to delivery are customized to each project.   BrightPages and EngagingPlans functions can also be readily combined into the same site.


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